Jumbo Loan Program Options

Jumbo Loans are very common in Florida. Home prices have been rising and more home-owners are looking to luxury homes to purchase. When your new loan amount will be above $417,000 (with some exceptions) you will most likely be looking at using a Jumbo Loan. At Richard Cogswell Mortgage, we specialize in Jumbo Loan programs.

Here are some reasons you want a seasoned Jumbo Loan expert originating your purchase or refinance.

Guidelines on these programs are detailed and complicated
Buyers are often high net-worth individuals with complex finances
Buyers may own multiple properties
Home appraisals on high-end homes are more complicated, less “cookie-cutter”, and highly scrutinized
Loan Programs and Guidelines change continually. You want someone who is on top of the most current information
Here are our most popular Jumbo Loan Programs

10% Down Jumbo Loan

This is our most popular Jumbo Loan program. This allows the purchase of a higher priced home with only a 10 percent down-payment. Terms are available on 5 and 7 year ARMS. Amortized over 30 years. Rates are excellent.

15% Down Jumbo Loan

With a 15 percent down-payment 30 year fixed rate options are also available. With or without PMI available.

20% Down Jumbo Loan

With a 20 percent down-payment you have access to the very lowest interest rates on all programs.